The following topics were discussed:

  • Working collaboratively with faculty to plan for excellence
  • Demonstrating donor impact on program strength
  • Enhancing public understanding of the research enterprise
  • Studying graduate alumni careers to identify new opportunities
  • Reducing faculty burden for activity reporting


Use the most comprehensive database of scholarly activity to explore your institution’s research and compare it to customizable peer sets. Enhance your research culture and gain a competitive advantage through targeted peer analysis.

Academic Analytics data and tools can be applied to the “nuts and bolts’ functions of universities such as institutional advancement, strategic planning, faculty development, program or department review, analyzing graduate placement in academia, and a host of other critical issues that require data supported decisions on policy and implementation. The breadth and depth of the data we currently collect and the tools we have created for presentation of the data allow for a broader application of the data to institutions of all sizes, not just Ph.D. granting R1 institutions.

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Alumni Insight 

Academic Analytics can find your Master’s, Doctoral, and Postdoctoral Alumni and return actionable data on their employment. A graduate degree from your institution is a launchpad. Show that to others with data.

Explore the careers of graduate or postdoctoral alumni and use the data for multiple institutional processes

  • Find your alumni employed inside and outside of academia
  • Showcase degree outcomes to prospective students
  • Incorporate graduate career paths in program review processes
  • Utilize data for training grant applications and renewals
  • Find alumni mentors for current students
  • Identify employers frequently hiring your alumni
  • Recognize successful alumni for institutional advancement

Product Overview

Can you find your Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, and Postdoctoral Alumni? Listen to Alicia Bertone, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean explain how she did at The Ohio State University.

Discovery Suite 

Provides discovery and showcase capabilities for faculty members, administrators, & the public using Academic Analytics data, faculty self-entered data, & integrated institution data.

Research Insight: Administrative access

  • Find subject matter experts internal and external to the university
  • Discovery research profiles
  • View thematic collaborative networks
  • Find funding and honorific award opportunities
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Faculty Insight:
Faculty portal

  • Find subject matter experts
  • Recommended and topic-based funding opportunities
  • View thematic collaborative networks
  • Scholars can control their pre-populated profiles
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External Discovery Site: Public exploration

  • Showcase university scholarship
  • Interface to connect scholars, students, and industry-based on topics of interest
  • University warehoused data integration
  • Scholars can control their pre-populated profiles
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Learn how the Discovery Suite tools Faculty Insight and the External Discovery Site can assist with identifying opportunities for faculty and showcasing the research activity at the institution.

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