Academic Analytics and the AAUDE Community 

Academic Analytics is a Platform That:  

1. Helps university leaders ask better questions about faculty research activity and strategic peer comparisons
2. Saves faculty time and supports their own career advancement
3. Allows administrators to follow the careers of masters, doctoral, and postdoctoral alumni.  

These data support faculty equity and development, strategic investment decisions, benchmarking research activity among peers, academic unit review, and developing the overall university research enterprise. 

Kathy Felts
Vice President of Client Engagement

We are happy to welcome Kathy Felts, formally from the University of Missouri System, and Joe Mantione, formally from AAUDE to the Academic Analytics team!
Both will be attending the AAUDE Annual Meeting.

Joe Mantione
Senior Data Architect

AAUDE Virtual Workshop 

Watch the playback of our recent webinar.

Learn about upcoming developments at Academic Analytics and how two AAUDE peers use these tools for:

  • Faculty recruitment, and retention
  • Institutional advancement
  • Interdisciplinary investments
  • School- and college-level planning


Explore your institution’s research activity in comparison to peers. Utilize nuanced peer comparisons of research activity to inform strategic planning and faculty recruitment, equity, and development.

Clinical Research

AAUDE feedback has helped shaped a new tool for exploring the scholarly activity of physician-researchers and comparing to peers. Utilize this comparative information to frame deliberations about program development and faculty recruitment, retention, and development. Individual profiles include journal articles, citations, grants, clinical trials, honorific awards, patents, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

Hospitality Suite 

Monday, April 25 8:00pm-10:00pm
Ballroom Lobby- Level 1

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Exhibit Hall 

April 24: 1-5pm
April 25-27: 8am-11am

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Plenary Session

Monday, April 25 1:45-1:55pm
Xanadu II & III

How does Emory conceptualize Academic Analytics on campus, and how do campus leaders use the tools? Most impactful applications include identifying strengths and areas for growth, unit-level planning, and increasing faculty recognition. 

Justin Shepherd, Emory University
Kathy Felts, Academic Analytics
Matt Cooper, Academic Analytics  

Mike Rohlinger, Academic Analytics  

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