NEW: External Discovery Site for Systems – the University of Missouri
Academic Analytics recently launched a public-facing External Discovery Site (EDS) for University Systems. During this webinar, Chris Riley-Tillman, Associate Provost and Professor, University of Missouri to discussed how the system plans to use their new site, and to view the new EDS template now available to all EDS clients and prospects.
Identifying Peers for External Program and Department Reviews
Learn how Academic Analytics helps you identify research peers with similar publication concentrations, and similarities on other scholarly research metrics to assist in identifying units from which to recruit external reviewers for academic program and department reviews.

Build teams and find Reviewers for Limited Submission Grants

Research Insight is a powerful tool to build research teams and identify reviewers for Limited Submission grants. Join Academic Analytics to learn how you can leverage this workflow at your campus.

NEW: Push Notifications for Faculty Insight with Michigan State University
Academic Analytics recently launched push notifications to alert Faculty Insight users to funding opportunities, profile views, and related searches. Join Kyle Sweitzer, Data Resource Analyst, Institutional Research, Michigan State University to discuss their implementation and end-user reactions since launch.

Explore Collaborations Using Longitudinal Data 
Collaborations on campus are vital to your research mission, but capturing data about the extent and nature of those collaborations is difficult, especially in a comparative context. Our dedicated team of analysts created a standardized report that puts these data at your fingertips.

From Feedback to Implemented Enhancement
Over Academic Analytics’ entire history, we’ve been driven by feedback from our partner institutions. Tune in to learn how your ideas become enhancements that improve the end-user experience and help us capture and display more of the data relevant to your workflow.