New Dataset: Patents in the Discovery Suite

Technology transfer is an enormous and growing component of research enterprise activity. We are happy to announce that data covering US patents have been added to our growing database of research scholarship and other scholarly activity. Join this webinar to learn about why we added patent data, how you can use the data, and what we’ve learned in the process of creating this exciting new addition.​

New Dataset: Book Chapters in the Discovery Suite

Academic Analytics strives to include as many relevant scholarly outputs as possible, to best reflect the research activity of your faculty members. We have often heard from institutions about the importance of chapters published in edited volumes, particularly in the lettered social sciences and humanities, and these data are now available to you in our Discovery Suite of tools! Sign up to hear how our product development team went about adding these valuable data to our product line, and how you can access and use these data in your research enterprise management workflow.

New Dataset: Clinical Trials in the Discovery Suite

We aim to bring the most relevant content to our subscribers, and we’ve heard from many of you that clinical trials are an important component of scholarly research. We are proud to announce that we’ve now matched these clinical trials to scholars, and you can access, view, and analyze these data in our Discovery Suite. Join us for this webinar to learn how you can make use of these data in your research enterprise management processes and reporting. 

Revisiting Honorific Awards: New Enhancements to Suggest Nominees

Some of our most popular and widely-used analytics focus on honorific awards, and who at your university may be well-positioned to be nominated for them or to write a nomination letter on another faculty member’s behalf. We continue to make advancements in this area or reporting and analytics, and this webinar will show you the lasted updates so you can take full advantage of our suggested awards tools for faculty development and strategic planning.