Coffee Break Analytics: Webinar Series Winter 2018

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Awards strategy: identifying highly research active and under-recognized scholars

Learn how Academic Analytics data can empirically identify departments and scholars that are highly research active but relatively “under recognized” – and develop a strategy to nominate these scholars for prestigious honorific awards.

Awards strategy: recommended honors and nominators

A brief review of our newest addition to Research Insight: the Suggested Awards Tool. Identify appropriate honorific awards for faculty members based on past recipient trends – have scholars at your institution been recognized to the extent their research merits?

Building an external platform to showcase scholarship

In this webinar, we’ll take an in-depth tour of our new and improved External Discovery Site. Join us to learn how you can easily and effectively showcase your faculty members’ scholarship to external stakeholders including industrial partners and potential students.

Finding subject matter experts locally and nationally  

Learn how to identify subject matter experts nationally and locally within your own institution, state, or university system. Join us to hear how your custom queries on any topic can reveal a list of ideal scholars to collaborate on – and apply for grants for – the research themes your institution is investing in.

Use Research Insight to identify teams and funding opportunities

In this webinar, learn how Academic Analytics helps you build research teams around specific themes that you choose based on your own research programs and strategic research enterprise plan. Then, we will demonstrate how these teams can reveal targeted funding opportunities to win large, national research grants.