Past Coffee Break Webinars Playback

  • Innovating Institutional Structures to Assist in Faculty Honorific Award Strategies
  • Discovering Opportunities and Showcasing Research Activity
  • Activity Management System Development and Strategy Update
  • New Enhancements to Alumni Insight: Fall Update

  • In With the New
  • International Collaborations and Funding
  • Faculty Recognition Trends
  • Institutional and Disciplinary Peers: a Deeper Dive 
  • New Custom Reports Coming to the Academic Analytics Portal
  • Exploring Clinical Research
  • New Enhancements to Alumni Insight
  • Leveraging Academic Analytics in Program Review Process
  • Utilizing Academic Analytics for the Recruitment of External Reviewers
  • Coming Attractions
  • Working with Academic Analytics Data to Inform Honorific Award Efforts with Humanities Colleagues
  • Utilizing Data to Better Examine Progress on Cluster Initiative Goals: A Case Study at University of Central Florida
  • Utilizing Academic Analytics to Highlight University Strengths for Marketing and Communications
  • Diving Deeper into Research Insight: Utilizing the Team Builder Functionality
  • Brushing off the Digital Dust: Transforming the University’s Strategic Plan into Action with Data
  • Alumni Placement Updates: New Populations and Upcoming Enhancements
  • Using Academic Analytics Data to Mentor Trainees Interested in Academic Careers
Watch Playback
Watch Playback
  • “I want to be a PI”: Using Academic Analytics Data to Mentor Graduate Trainees Interested in Academic Careers
     Movers and Shakers: Using Academic Analytics Data to Understand Faculty Movement Across Institutions
  • Supporting Faculty Advancement with Academic Analytics Data: Understanding how Trends in Scholarly Activity Levels and Academic age Inform Promotion Timing
  • Fight the Pandemic with Research Insight
  • From Nomination to Recognition: Engaging with Academic Analytics to Advance Faculty Success
  • Analysis On Demand: Accessing Custom Analyses Through the Academic Analytics Portal
  • Career Data for PhDs and Postdocs: Use Cases and Considerations
  • Implementation of Faculty Insight and External Discovery Site
  • Discovery Tools: Configuration to Application 
Watch Playback
Watch Playback
Below are the topics from the fall 2019 webinar series:
– A Deeper Dive into the External Discovery Site at The University of Missouri System
– Supplementing the Departmental Review Process
– On the Horizon- Solutions for the Present and the Future: An Overview of Academic Analytics Products and Tools
– Leveraging Academic Analytics to Improve Academic Programs & Faculty Hiring
Below are the topics from the winter 2020 webinar series:
– Showcasing your research strengths with the new External Discovery Site
– New Enhancements to our Faculty Insight Interface
– Obtaining and analyzing career data for Ph.D.s and post-docs
– From the Nobel Prize to the poster of the year: quantifying honorific award prestige across disciplines
– Developing an institutional strategy to increase faculty recognition
Watch Playback
Watch Playback
Below are the topics from the summer 2019 webinar series:
– External Discovery Site for Systems – University of Missouri
– Identifying Peers for External Program and Department Reviews
– Build teams and find Reviewers for Limited Submission Grants
– Push Notifications for Faculty Insight – Michigan State University
– Explore Collaborations Using Longitudinal Data
– From Feedback to Implemented Enhancement
Below are the topics from the spring 2019 webinar series:
– New Dataset: Patents in the Discovery Suite
– New Dataset: Book Chapters in the Discovery Suite
– New Dataset: Clinical Trials in the Discovery Suite
– Revisiting Honorific Awards: New Enhancements to Suggest Nomination Opportunities
Watch Playback
Watch Playback
Below are the topics from the winter 2019 webinar series. 
– Exploring Research Activity Over Time​
– Understanding Academic Unit Composition​
– Incorporating the School and College Structure in Analytics
– Rising Stars: Identifying and Mentoring Junior Faculty Members​
Below are the topics from the fall 2018 webinar series.
– Awards Strategy: recommended honors & nominators
– Building an external platform to showcase scholarship
– Finding subject matter experts locally and nationally
– Finding funding based on teams using Research Insight to identify teams & funding for teams
Watch Playback
Watch Playback