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Utilizing Academic Analytics to Highlight University Strengths for Marketing and Communications
September 30, 11:00am-11:30am EDT
Academic Analytics is known for providing higher education with helpful peer-analysis and faculty-development tools. Many universities have now begun exploring incorporation of these tools into marketing their faculty successes. This session will provide examples of how Academic Analytics can be utilized by teams looking for new ways to highlight research excellence on their campus.
Diving Deeper into Research Insight: Utilizing the Team Builder Functionality
October 8, 11:00am-11:30am EDT
As the focus on interdisciplinary research continues to increase across the higher-education landscape, learn to utilize the “Project” building functionality to:
– Review collaborative efforts of local research teams
– Study faculty-scholarship trends in your selected fields
– Understand expertise overlap of local and national faculty
– Identify potential funding opportunities for faculty teams
Brushing off the Digital Dust: Transforming the University’s Strategic Plan into Action with Data
October 15, 11:00am – 11:30am EDT
Generating a strategic plan is typically a time-consuming effort involving many stakeholders, with the results too often sitting on the virtual shelf to be revisited at the time of the next update. Join us for this webinar to see how linking specific Academic Analytics tools and data to university goals – whether outlined in a strategic plan or from an emergent set of priorities – results in actionable steps that can focus administrative efforts and yield greater institutional impacts.
Alumni Placement Updates: New Populations and Upcoming Enhancements
October 27, 11:00am-11:30am EDT
Join us for an update on the Academic Analytics Alumni Placement module. We will discuss current knowledge rates, general findings, and enhancements planned in 2021. We are also excited to announce we have now opened this module to find master’s alumni, and we will talk through some initial findings for that population.
Using Academic Analytics Data to Mentor Trainees Interested in Academic Careers
November 11, 11:00am-11:30am EST
Enhancements to Custom Reports in the Portal: New Analyses and Functionality in Analysis On Demand
December 16, 11:00am-11:30am EST
Since the launch of Analysis On Demand (AOD) in January, Academic Analytics has continued to increase the functionality of our existing analyses while also developing new offerings based
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Past Webinars

Below are the topics from the summer 2020 webinar series:
– “I want to be a PI”: Using Academic Analytics Data to Mentor Graduate Trainees interested in Academic careers
– Movers and Shakers: Using Academic Analytics Data to Understand Faculty Movement Across Institutions
– Supporting Faculty Advancement with Academic Analytics Data: Understanding how Trends in Scholarly Activity Levels and Academic age Inform Promotion Timing
– Fight the Pandemic with Research Insight
– From Nomination to Recognition: Engaging with Academic Analytics to Advance Faculty Success Faculty Recognition in Academic Institutions is a Key Factor of Faculty Success Goals
Below are the topics from the spring 2020 webinar series:
– Analysis On Demand: Accessing Custom Analyses Through the Academic Analytics Portal
– Career Data for PhDs and Postdocs: Use Cases and Considerations
– Implementation of Faculty Insight and External Discovery Site
– Discovery Tools: Configuration to Application
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Below are the topics from the winter  2020 webinar series:
– Showcasing your research strengths with the new External Discovery Site
– New Enhancements to our Faculty Insight Interface
– Obtaining and analyzing career data for Ph.D.s and post-docs
 From the Nobel Prize to the poster of the year: quantifying honorific award prestige across disciplines
Developing an institutional strategy to increase faculty recognition
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Below are the topics from the fall 2019 webinar series:
– A Deeper Dive into the External Discovery Site at The University of Missouri System
– Supplementing the Departmental Review Process
– On the Horizon- Solutions for the Present and the Future: An Overview of Academic Analytics Products and Tools
– Leveraging Academic Analytics to Improve Academic Programs & Faculty Hiring
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Below are the topics from the spring 2019 webinar series:
– New Dataset: Patents in the Discovery Suite
– New Dataset: Book Chapters in the Discovery Suite
– New Dataset: Clinical Trials in the Discovery Suite
– Revisiting Honorific Awards: New Enhancements to Suggest Nomination Opportunities
Below are the topics from the summer 2019 webinar series:
– External Discovery Site for Systems – University of Missouri
– Identifying Peers for External Program and Department Reviews
– Build teams and find Reviewers for Limited Submission Grants
– Push Notifications for Faculty Insight – Michigan State University
– Explore Collaborations Using Longitudinal Data
– From Feedback to Implemented Enhancement
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Below are the topics from the winter 2019 webinar series. 
– Exploring Research Activity Over Time​
– Understanding Academic Unit Composition​
– Incorporating the School and College Structure in Analytics
– Rising Stars: Identifying and Mentoring Junior Faculty Members​
Below are the topics from the fall 2018 webinar series.
– Awards Strategy: recommended honors & nominators
– Building an external platform to showcase scholarship
– Finding subject matter experts locally and nationally
– Finding funding based on teams using Research Insight to identify teams & funding for teams
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