Coffee Break Analytics Webinars

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A Deeper Dive into the External Discovery Site at The University of Missouri System
September 26, 11:00am EDT
In the second part of our series on how the University of Missouri System leverages Academic Analytics data in their research discovery site, we are again joined by Associate Provost and Professor Chris Riley-Tillman to demonstrate the system’s new EDS dashboard. The newest enhancements to the system’s site which includes system, school, and unit-level scholarship as well as a trending key term aggregator and works counter.
Supplementing the Departmental Review Process
October 9, 11:00am EDT
Academic unit review is one of the most widespread applications of our data, analytic tools, and charts. Here we use real-world examples to delve into how the review process is much more than taking data from our online Portal; learn how universities use our custom templates and gain insight into how we support the nuanced review process with objective data.
On the Horizon- Solutions for the Present and the Future: An Overview of Academic Analytics Products and Tools
October 30, 11:00am EDT
Academic Analytics has evolved into a large (and growing) set of unique, but linked, analytic tools to manage the university research enterprise. Join us to learn about all of the suites and modules available, how they are connected, and what’s in development.
Leveraging Academic Analytics to Improve Academic Programs & Faculty Hiring
November 7, 11:00am EST
Investment strategies for academic programming and staffing can be made difficult due to competing interests by academic programs as well as a lack of resources. This webinar will describe how one university sought to improve academic planning and resource allocation within their academic units, and the software solution they used to do it. We’ll discuss the university’s example and broader best practices for reviewing metrics in research, finances, benchmarking, and predictive modeling as well as staffing and resource allocation related to academic planning. Special guest speaker, Patrick McDonald, Assistant Dean for Planning and Analytics, University at Buffalo.

Past Webinars

Below are the topics from the summer 2019 webinar series:
– External Discovery Site for Systems – University of Missouri
– Identifying Peers for External Program and Department Reviews
– Build teams and find Reviewers for Limited Submission Grants
– Push Notifications for Faculty Insight – Michigan State University
– Explore Collaborations Using Longitudinal Data
– From Feedback to Implemented Enhancement
Below are the topics from the spring 2019 webinar series:
– New Dataset: Patents in the Discovery Suite
– New Dataset: Book Chapters in the Discovery Suite
– New Dataset: Clinical Trials in the Discovery Suite
– Revisiting Honorific Awards: New Enhancements to Suggest Nomination Opportunities
Below are the topics from the winter 2019 webinar series. 
– Exploring Research Activity Over Time​
– Understanding Academic Unit Composition​
– Incorporating the School and College Structure in Analytics
– Rising Stars: Identifying and Mentoring Junior Faculty Members​
Below are the topics from the fall 2018 webinar series.
– Awards Strategy: recommended honors & nominators
– Building an external platform to showcase scholarship
– Finding subject matter experts locally and nationally
– Finding funding based on teams using Research Insight to identify teams & funding for teams