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Robert Berdahl and Archie Holmes moderate a discussion among University of Texas System panelists on how they utilize data to contextualize decision making. Executive leadership from each institution will detail their use of productivity data in program review, program planning, strategic hiring, and faculty reward and retention, among other topics.
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Listen to AARC researchers, Dr. Bill Savage, Senior Researcher, and AARC Director Dr. Anthony J. Olejniczak, as they present highlights of their paper, Research publication productivity among senior faculty at Ph.D.-granting institutions in the United States. The research addresses several questions about senior faculty research activity and publishing across disciplines. Join the webinar to learn more about this study documenting publication patterns across multiple formats in different age groups.
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Listen to a conversation with your peers as they discuss successful strategies and tactics for expanding the usage of evolving tools and services from Academic Analytics to help contextualize institutional decision-making.
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Gathering, analyzing, and reporting alumni outcomes has become an increasingly burdensome task for universities as more entities request these data. Many universities rely on ad hoc or decentralized reporting processes that tend to supply inconsistent and unreliable information. Academic Analytics uses standardized processes to comprehensively collect, doctoral, postdoctoral and now master’s alumni outcome data for institutions to use in program review, legislative reporting, and beyond. Join us for a 30 minute webinar to learn more.
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Robert Nobles, James Weyhenmeyer, and Caroline Whitacre discuss their process of cybersecurity readiness and certification:
– Tips for streamlining compliance
– Pitfalls to avoid
– Compliance standards specifically discussed: CMMC and NDAA 889
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AARC Director Anthony J. Olejniczak, Ph.D. and AARC researcher Molly J. Wilson, Ph.D. studied the characteristics of authors who choose to publish their work in OA venues. Their peer reviewed journal article Who’s writing Open Access (OA) articles? Characteristics of OA authors at Ph.D. granting institutions in the USA demonstrates that the democratization of the research literature through increased adoption of the OA publishing model may be skewed towards only a subset of scholars – those with greater access to resources and higher levels of job security.
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Listen to Helen Carlon, Dave Ramsey and team as they provide an overview of how Academic Analytics’ products have evolved over time to what they are today, as well as what you can anticipate coming down the pipeline in the coming year.
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How can university leadership teams identify and build on shared opportunities between the academic and health science mission areas? What key ideas may guide their investments and what potential pitfalls should they avoid? Learn how the University of Utah is navigating these challenges and uses analytic tools to help anchor leadership discussions and planning.
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Listen to Bob Berdahl discuss with three provosts about strategies they have used to equitably recruit, develop, celebrate, and retain faculty. While the impact of COVID-19 on faculty life and provost strategies will be addressed, we will also focus on longterm implications.
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This discussion focuses on the following questions:
– How is this moment different from business as usual for Senior Research Officers?
– What role can research tools play in supporting the mission of public universities in moments of national crisis and political upheaval?
– How can these tools help small institutions with large ambitions for research and scholarship?
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Institutional Resilience Webinar Series 
During times of uncertainty and fiscal challenge, critical up-to-date information about your research enterprise and position in the competitive landscape can help your institution emerge stronger after a crisis. 
– Institutional Resilience: Preparing for the Future of Your Research Enterprise
– Ensuring a Viable Post-Pandemic Future for Scholarship in the Humanities
– Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Extending the Horizon of Departmental Planning and Faculty Development in a Period of Disruption
– Institutional Resilience- Continuing the Conversation
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