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Showcase your institution’s scholarship with External Discovery Site
  • Showcase your top research areas on a public-facing website
  • Form partnerships to boost collaborations and attract funding
  • Relieve faculty burden- profiles prepopulated with Academic Analytics data
Find Reviewers and Collaborators
  • Discover scholars across the nation by research topic.
  • Find similar scholars in niche research areas.
  • Reduce potential demographic bias in your search process
Student Outcomes; Exploring Alumni Employment with Alumni Insight
  • Search for alumni based on industry
  • Find alumni who have remained in state
  • View location of alumni nationally and internationally
Part 1: How Your Peers Retain their Top Faculty 
Part 2: Matching Honorific Awards to Faculty 
Part 3: Browsing Honorific Awards for Faculty
  • Identify flight risk
  • Recognize rising stars
  • Discover honorific award recommendations
  • Specific honorific Awards to Faculty
  • Based on data-driven Suitability Index
  • Tailored to individual faculty
  • Search for honorific awards you want to bring to campus
  • View award details and previous awardees
  • Find qualified individuals on campus to nominate
Program Review: Data to Strengthen & Develop Units 
  • Research productivity strengths
  • Opportunities for development and growth
  • Honorific awards recognition
Big Data Operational Premises
  • Collecting research metrics
  • Cleaning data
  • Curating metrics to faculty profiles
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