Terri Shelton,Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement, University of North Carolina – Greensboro
Kevin Chambliss, Vice Provost for Research, Baylor University
Caroline Whitacre, Senior Advisor,  Academic Analytics,  former Senior  Vice President for Research  at The Ohio State University
This discussion focuses on the following questions:
How is this moment different from business as usual for Senior Research Officers?
What role can research tools play in supporting the mission of public universities in moments of national crisis and political upheaval?
How can these tools help small institutions with large ambitions for research and scholarship?
While the research enterprise has been negatively impacted by COVID-19, the current social and political upheaval offers unique opportunities for impactful, community engaged scholarship and interdisciplinary collaborations with social sciences and the humanities. Despite tightening budgets and fewer resources overall, university leaders must find creative solutions to advance institutional missions and ambition to more effectively serve their constituencies.
Senior Research Officers are leading this effort with data-driven, cost-effective solutions and tools to accomplish these objectives. These solutions enable leaders to analyze collaborative strengths and opportunities, build interdisciplinary teams, discover new sources of funding, identify honorific awards for faculty, and showcase institutional research capabilities to external stakeholders. Each of these offer a critical contribution to the question that looms large now: How do we continue to thrive as an institution in this moment, and not merely survive a crisis?
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