Enhances your institutional research profile to help attract collaborators, funding, and students and to help promote a better understanding of research capabilities and facilities.

External Discovery Site (EDS) combines Academic Analytics’ accurate and comprehensive scholarly activity data with a university’s own warehoused data to create a modern, configurable, fully pre-populated website that showcases research and researchers at the faculty, program, department, and center level.

  • Research-active physicians by clinical discipline and broad field
  • Peer comparison with other NIH-funded medical schools
  • Funding profile, award profile, book profile, and journal publication profile
View examples of how External Discovery Site solutions can elevate an institution’s research profile. 
University of Kansas

“This is a way for universities to put themselves out there in a way to show their research capabilities to others . . . this is exactly what I would have liked to have.”
George Walker, former VPR and administrator; Academic Advisor, Academic Analytics

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