Faculty Insight Helps Faculty Members Further Their Research

Faculty Insight enables scholars, administrators, and students to identify collaborators on campus and throughout the nation by searching for expertise within our extensive database of scholarly works. Scholars control their own profiles and can access targeted funding and honorific award opportunities.

Give scholars control of their pre-populated profile

  • Identify subject matter experts based on research outputs
  • Discover honorific award opportunities based on scholar-specific characteristics
  • Explore funding opportunities relevant to research interests and experience
  • Support scholars with proxy editing rights for administrators
  • Receive notifications on upcoming funding opportunities, recent activity by colleagues, and honorific award deadlines
“One of the most exciting new product offerings from Academic Analytics is Faculty Insight … It is a platform that facilitates arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM scholars in finding joint funding opportunities and thus reaching across the aisle to collaborate with each other.”

George Walker, Ph.D. Academic Advisor, Academic Analytics, former Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Indiana University
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