FastFacts - ChemistryCHEMISTRY conducts extensive collaborative research inside and outside the discipline. 97.5% of the discipline journal articles captured in the Academic Analytics database (2014-2017 inclusive) were published by multiple authors. The broad field most like Chemistry is Engineering and its sub-fields, all publishing collaborative research 97.6% of the time. Collaborative research (co-authorship of journal articles) between faculty in Chemistry accounts for 18.4% of all co-authored Chemistry publications. Collaboration of Chemistry faculty with other disciplines is most often with Biochemistry scholars which accounts for 7.9% of all co-authored Chemistry publications. The next two most frequent disciplines, Molecular Biology or Physics, account for 3.28% and 3.27% of all co-authored Chemistry publications respectively. Do you know who are the top potential collaborators in Chemistry who best complement your research, and where they are located?

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