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The Comparative Product and Tools helps all levels of campus administrators delve deeper into our data, including information on universities, schools and colleges, departments, programs, and individual scholars. Research grants, scholarly publications, honorific awards, and many other data points may be contextualized by choosing relevant peers, content, and time windows for analysis. The comparative product offers campus-wide support for strategic planning through discipline-specific online analytic tools. The Database is used for hiring and retention initiatives, department review support, honorific award nomination analysis, development of publication strategies, mentoring junior faculty members, and much more.

Graduate Outcomes of your Ph.D. students are crucial to gauge the health of your programs. Academic Analytics has plotted the career progression of the entire population of scholars in each of the 172 disciplines in our database. Combining these data with information about the degree granting institution provides evidence for administrators to assess the effectiveness of their Ph.D. programs, as well as information to support graduate recruitment. The data can also be used to answer queries from state legislative bodies and others seeking information about the outcomes of Ph.D. graduates.

Unit Modeling in the Academic Analytics portal is a powerful modeling tool to create “what if” scenarios showing the impact of gaining new faculty members with particular characteristics (i.e., junior versus senior scholars, a history of acquiring certain types of grants, etc.) or losing a faculty member to retirement. Users can custom-select peers and appropriate data timeframes to establish a meaningful context for a more complete view of the unit and how it practices the discipline. Unit modeling is also a powerful way to show the possibilities for the unit’s research activity, for instance to make the case for offering a Ph.D. in a given area in addition to a master’s degree. The unit modeler also offers an objective path forward for a unit with which to engage potential donors and prospective new faculty members.

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