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Research Insight helps administrators and faculty members find subject matter experts within an institution or externally, build diverse teams, and identify funding opportunities. Administrators and researchers use Research Insight to build limited submission grant teams, help with strategic planning, identify talent for specific initiatives, and analyze the efficacy of collaborative cross-disciplinary teams.

Faculty Insight empowers users to uncover public and private funding opportunities and potential collaborators that span discipline, campus location, and academic age, providing faculty with a competitive advantage when competing for federal research resources. Faculty Insight provides faculty users with an integrated search tool, a pre-populated faculty profile page, a profile editing tool with which to add additional scholarly activity, and targeted funding opportunities—all in one integrated, intuitive interface.

External Discovery Site is a fully configurable public facing website encompassing the research portfolio of the entire university, intended to put your research strengths front and center for potential industrial partners, prospective students and faculty members, and the media. External Discovery Site showcases your institution’s (and individual researchers’) scholarly activity and areas of expertise to provide avenues of exploration for connections between students and faculty, business and industry and researchers, as well as connections between faculty members themselves. Searches with key words or topics produce profiles on faculty and researchers involved in research in those areas.

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