Research Insight Helps Administrators Strengthen Their Research Enterprise
Analytics can uncover funding opportunities and subject matter experts, and help form proficient teams

Use the principles of team science and data-driven intelligence to help administrators identify and bring together subject matter experts by searching beyond department, program, or even institutional boundaries to quickly and easily form strong research teams.

Research Insight enables administrators to form and support outstanding teams

  • Identify scholars across a broad range of topics and areas of expertise, including humanities, sciences, social sciences, and engineering
  • Equitably identify subject matter experts based on prepopulated and curated research outputs
  • Create expert teams from across the campus or the country
  • Pair experienced and junior scholars to build a strong, sustainable research enterprise
  • Field a strong team and eliminate duplicative entries for limited submission grants
  • Find suitable honorific awards for your scholars at any stage in their career
  • Discover funding opportunities in particular research areas, for individuals, or for teams
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