Institutional Resilience Webinar Series

During times of uncertainty and challenge, critical up-to-date information about your research enterprise and competitive landscape can help your institution emerge stronger after a crisis.

Institutional Resilience: Preparing for the Future of Your Research Enterprise

Universities are uniquely positioned and qualified to respond to a worldwide crisis. University leaders will discuss these critical topics:
– How is the pandemic affecting universities, faculty, and the research enterprise?
– What are the budgetary implications and how will they differ from the 2009 downturn?
– What is the future of our international relationships in the post-COVID-19 environment?
– What proactive approaches can universities take now?
– How is the public’s perception about research changing?
– What must we do to ensure a strong future for research in the humanities and social sciences?

Ensuring a Viable Post-Pandemic Future for Scholarship in the Humanities

In this session we discuss strategies for campus leaders to recognize, sustain, and support scholarly excellence in the humanities and many social sciences. We look at peer comparisons that can provide context for critical post-pandemic decisions about resources and priorities. We demonstrate that humanities units’ strengths may often be undervalued, and that a fuller appreciation of these strengths can provide a more thoughtful basis for critical conversations among department heads, deans, and provosts.

Making Lemonade out of Lemons: Extending the Horizon of Departmental Planning and Faculty Development in a Period of Disruption

The current crisis offers challenges and opportunities for proactive approaches to developing departments and their faculty. Reliable data about both the relative standing of departments and the career trajectories of their faculty can provide important information for strategic academic decision-making among chairs, deans, and provosts. This webinar explores evidence-based approaches to identify the opportunities, risks, and vulnerabilities in the development of academic departments.


Institutional Resilience- Continuing the Conversation

Universities are uniquely positioned and qualified to respond to a worldwide crisis. The panel will discuss these vital topics:
– How is the pandemic continuing to affect universities, faculty, and the research enterprise?
– How can we best avoid the short-termism that threatens to corrupt our planning and strategic priorities?
– How can universities sustain and deepen key partnerships during these times, such as with national labs?
– How can we best position our campuses to capitalize on the opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship this moment presents?
– What proactive approaches are academic leaders taking now?
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