In With the New
June 9, 11-11:30 am ET

We’ll take a walk through the new web portal, focusing on the changes to the interface and some of the why behind the updates.

International Collaborations and Funding
June 17, 11-11:30 am ET

Join us for an overview of two reports under development at Academic Analytics: the International Collaborations Analysis, which presents data on the institutional affiliations of journal article co-authors, and the International Funding Analysis, which presents data on acknowledged funding entities on research articles.

Faculty Recognition Trends
July 15, 11-11:30 am ET

Utilizing Academic Analytics data to identify discipline and peer trends for honorific awards.

Institutional & Disciplinary Peers: a Deeper Dive
August 4, 11-11:30 am ET

Learn how to identify and choose a more focused and better-fitting set of peer institutions based on institutional characteristics.