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What We Do

Academic Analytics helps build strong research institutions. University presidents, provosts, and other academic leaders make critical decisions about which research opportunities to pursue and how to win them; which collaborations and partnerships to forge; how best to allocate resources; and how to gauge progress towards the university’s research mission. Academic Analytics helps these senior academic leaders make better and more efficient decisions to sustain and grow their research enterprise.

We aggregate, curate, visualize, and contextualize data on the research created by scholars and we provide powerful, user-friendly business intelligence tools to visualize and identify patterns from those data. Our tools give institutional leaders a new understanding of the research accomplishments of scholars, departments, programs, and the entire institution – and they point to directions in which to grow the research footprint strategically and in line with the university’s mission.

Benchmarking Suite

Provides strategic decision support for academic administrators and faculty leaders using Academic Analytics comparative standardized data.

Discovery Suite

Provides discovery and showcase capabilities for faculty members, administrators, and the public using Academic Analytics data, faculty self-entered data, and integrated institution data.

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