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As Dean of the Graduate School at Stony Brook University and Associate Provost in the mid 1990s, Dr. Lawrence Martin identified the critical need for comparative productivity metrics that could be used to pinpoint universities’ strengths and weaknesses as means to pursue an end goal.

He began working on this faculty productivity project and enlisted the help of co-founder Dr. Anthony J. Olejniczak in 2000. Throughout their examination from the National Research Council’s “Research Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change” report, Lawrence and Anthony identified a need for a more dynamic set of data updated on an annual basis, while using data from the NRC to determine which metrics of faculty scholarly productivity serve as useful predictors of a program's reputation.

Academic Analytics first database was released in 2005. Originally distributed to client universities as a paper report, it was quite different from what is produced today, where the data are easily accessible to subscribers through login into our web portal with a unique username and password.

Joined by Peter Maglione, CEO, in 2008, Peter began to look at the big picture of universities and academia in general. He immediately formed an advisory committee to focus on the quality of the data. That committee is still working with us today providing academic insight as the company grows.