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Academic Analytics helps build strong research institutions. University presidents, provosts, and other academic leaders make critical decisions about which research opportunities to pursue and how to win them; which collaborations and partnerships to forge; how best to allocate resources; and how to gauge progress towards the university’s research mission. Academic Analytics helps these senior academic leaders make better and more efficient decisions to sustain and grow their research enterprise.

We aggregate, curate, visualize, and contextualize data on the research created by scholars and we provide powerful, user

friendly business intelligence tools to visualize and identify patterns from those data. Our tools give institutional leaders a new understanding of the research accomplishments of scholars, departments, programs, and the entire institution – and they point to directions in which to grow the research footprint strategically and in line with the university’s mission.

We help senior administrators view research activity in an appropriate context for the issues being addressed, identify new funding opportunities, form expert teams to win funding, and increase the visibility of the institution’s research enterprise to companies, foundations, and potential collaborators.

Our two product suites – the Benchmarking Suite and the Discovery Suite – are used every day at American research institutions. Universities turn to Academic Analytics for data and analytics across the entire campus. Examples of use-cases include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Faculty Development

  • Annual Program Review

  • Award Nomination Strategies

  • Developing a Publication Strategy

  • Graduate Placement in Academia
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Curating Faculty Profiles
  • Analyzing Collaborative Networks
  • Fostering Team Science
  • Targeting Funding Opportunities
  • Subject Matter Expertise Identification
  • Creating a Research Center or Institute
  • Showcasing Faculty Scholarship

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Institutional & Disciplinary Peers: a Deeper Dive
August 4, 11:00-11:30am ET
Learn how to identify and choose a more focused and better-fitting set of peer institutions based on the institutional characteristics.
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