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Benchmarking / Analysis on Demand

Leverage the most comprehensive database of scholarly activity to compare yourself with higher education peers. Access our top requested interactive analyses based on trending questions in academia, and your custom report requests all in one place. Enhance your research culture and competitive advantages through targeted analysis.

  • Employ data-driven holistic metrics to assist in strategic planning and program/department review
  • Support faculty development with career trends drawn from current and aspirant peers
  • Identify research active, but under-recognized faculty at your institution
  • Discover trending research topics at your institution
  • Customize your experience by taking advantage of multiple levels of faculty aggregation, a variety of filtering options, and the ability to create your own bespoke units.
  • Benchmarking documentation

"The nice thing about the (benchmarking) tool is you don’t have to limit it… It allows the flexibility of the program directors to do their own custom analysis"

Bernard Arulanandam

former Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and Knowledge Enterprise
The University of Texas at San Antonio