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Academic Analytics is committed to building strong communities to share their experiences and share best practices and real-world examples of our data in action. We host workshops, webinars, and attend conferences throughout the year. We work with senior academic advisors and an advisory committee who are experienced academic administrators that guide us and encourage our university clients to make the most of our data and analytic offerings.


Academic Analytics attends many national conferences offering demonstrations and consultations to clients and prospective university partners. We also engage in giving presentations and supporting client universities with data and other content for their presentations at these conferences. These gatherings often result in ideas for enhancements to our data and services, and serve as a means by which we cultivate an active and communicative group of users who share knowledge and experiences with one another.

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Our Subscribers​

Academic Analytics subscribers represent a large and diverse group of research institutions, with varying analytics capabilities and data needs. The growing uses of our data and software are represented in this diversity of institutions and how they apply these tools to their research enterprise management and strategy. Click below to see a small sample of our many subscribers, including how some of those institutions leverage their subscriptions to enhance their research management workflows.

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Academic Advisors​

Our products, services, and subscriber relationships are enhanced through collaboration with leaders in higher education administration. We work with a team of senior academic advisors who include scholars with experience at several types of universities, and in many roles on campus. Their past roles include former deans, provosts, and research office leaders.

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Our data, analysis, and service offerings provide many uses to several different groups on campus. We’ve designed our documents aimed at describing each of our offerings, as well as our philosophy, and the systems by which we ensure the highest level of quality. Additionally, these some of these documents contain best practices and experiences from other users of our products. Here we offer a selection of documents for you to explore.

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Academic Analytics hosts interactive webinars based on topics of interest to the university community we service. These webinars feature experts in their fields (e.g., higher education administration, institutional research, scientometric data) and offer unique perspectives and best practices from experienced leaders on the data, products, and services we offer. Here we offer some of the innovative webinars we’ve hosted in the past that are available for replay.

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Social Media

Academic Analytics is committed to building and serving a community of active research enterprise leaders. Our products and services stem directly from conversations with research institutions and the scholars that make those institutions successful. Please reach out to us today and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates about our community, events, and research: @Acad_Analytics.


Academic Analytics hosts workshops and user groups throughout the year, providing clients a valuable resource for networking with peers as well as our team. We conduct stand-alone workshops designed to meet specific objectives relative to the audience. These workshops are building blocks to our future, bringing together like-minded individuals who share a similar goal of defining academic standards for improvement. Whether you are a provost, dean, institutional research analyst, or vice president of research, our workshops are thoughtfully planned to provide maximum value for your time. We encourage all subscribers to participate in our community workshops when possible.