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Research Insight
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Faculty Insight
Give scholars control over their pre-populated profile.

Alumni Insight
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External Discovery Site
Showcase your institution's scholarship on a public-facing website.

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External Discovery Site

External Discovery Site (EDS) combines Academic Analytics’ accurate and comprehensive scholarly activity data with a university’s own warehoused data to create a modern, configurable, fully pre-populated website that showcases research and researchers at the faculty, program, department, and center level.

  • Showcase university scholarship on this public facing website
  • Connect faculty expertise to media, philanthropy and industry
  • Integrate university-warehoused data
  • Scholars can control their pre-populated profiles
  • Customize interface to use university look and feel
  • External Discovery Site documentation

"This is a tool we use to showcase faculty talent to the external world"

Rick Tankersley

Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte