Benchmarking / Analysis on Demand
Explore your institution's research activity and compare to peers

Research Insight
Discover subject matter experts, funding, honorific awards, and more.

Faculty Insight
Give scholars control over their pre-populated profile.

Alumni Insight
Explore the careers of bachelor, master, doctoral, and postdoctoral alumni.

External Discovery Site
Showcase your institution's scholarship on a public-facing website.

Medical Insight
Explore the activity of medical faculty at your institution and compare to peers.

Industry Insight
Discover and connect your university with valuable industry partners

Faculty Insight

Scholars control their own profiles and can access targeted funding, honorific award opportunities, and potential collaborators. Enables scholars, administrators, and students to search for expertise within our extensive database of scholarly works.

  • Build upon your pre-populated research profile
  • Identify subject matter experts locally and across the nation
  • Receive personalized suggestions for grants and honorific awards
  • Find new funding and honorific award opportunities
  • Integrate university warehoused data
  • NEW! Pre-populated faculty data can flow into
    Activity Reporting

    • Empower faculty to showcase the full spectrum of their professional activities

    • Capture a comprehensive collection of all faculty activities for various reporting including accreditation
  • NEW! Personalize Reviews & Workflows and monitor their progress

    •Create customizable and reusable workflows and monitor progress during review cycle

    •Centralize and streamline review and workflow processes across campus
  • Faculty Insight documentation

"These tools allow you to generate hypothesis, test them, and evaluate where you might head in the future. "

Kimberly Espy

Former Provost and Senior Vice President
The University of Texas at San Antonio