Benchmarking / Analysis on Demand
Explore your institution's research activity and compare to peers

Research Insight
Discover subject matter experts, funding, honorific awards, and more.

Faculty Insight
Give scholars control over their pre-populated profile.

Alumni Insight
Explore the careers of bachelor, master, doctoral, and postdoctoral alumni.

External Discovery Site
Showcase your institution's scholarship on a public-facing website.

Medical Insight
Explore the activity of medical faculty at your institution and compare to peers.

Industry Insight
Discover and connect your university with valuable industry partners

Research Insight

Use data-driven intelligence to identify, support, and strengthen outstanding university research teams and enterprise. Easily discover subject matter experts, funding prospects, and honorific award opportunities.

  • Recognize scholars and areas of expertise across a broad range of subjects
  • Find suitable honorific awards for your scholars, no matter the stage in their career
  • Use 9 variables of our data to create suitability index of recognizing faculty
  • Discover funding opportunities in particular areas for individuals or teams
  • Create expert teams from across the campus or the country
    – Pair experienced and junior scholars to build a strong, sustainable research enterprise
    – Eliminate duplicative entries for limited submission grants
  • Research Insight documentation

"When we use Academic Analytics we can …drill down …and start to create …better synergism than we are already experiencing on our campus"

Michael Good

Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
and Executive Dean, School of Medicine
University of Utah